Seed Of Life


"Seed of Life is an inspirational CD, I love it. Navajo's that are true to their culture would really enjoy this CD. I live off the reservation and the Seed of Life brings me back to reality of life, the importance of whom I am and that the gift of life is very important. I am proud to say that I am Navajo and I love my culture."

"Radmilla is a very talented and beautiful Navajo Woman inside and out. I am excited about her new music! I did not know she had a CD out is this not the first? Has Native America Calling put her on the Music Maker show yet? If not she should be, she has a very beautiful voice and I wish her well with this CD. She should go to Albuquerque and let the Talking Circle folks get a chance to show off with Radmilla before she gets a Nammy, after that she may be too busy touring! Good job! Let Singing Wire in on this and they will play it often I am sure!"

1. Child to Young Woman (0:33)
2. God Bless America (3:41)
3. The Return Home (3:14)
4. The Proposal and The Promise (3:29)
5. The Cycle of Life (3:48)
6. Corn Grinding Song (2:59)
7. Sibling's Pets (3:02)
8. Song and Dance Romance (3:06)
9. Seed of Life (3:00)
10. Grandmother (4:02)
11. America the Beautiful (2:26)