Spirit Of A Woman


"The inception of her latest album entitled "Spirit of a Woman" continues the traditional Navajo singing but also feature three songs that were written by Radmilla. This album, so properly titled, "Spirit of a Woman" has become a pinnacle of Radmilla Cody's life experiences as a survivor of domestic violence. Spirit of a Woman is the fruitation of Radmilla's rebirth into a woman with purpose, direction, and peace of her inner-self. As Radmilla looks at life differently today she is grounded on a rediscovered foundation."

Spirit of a Woman, 2005, includes a mixture of contemporary and Navajo songs that celebrate womanhood. This CD is a collaboration between Herman Cody and Radmilla Cody. This unique album features flutists Robert Tree Cody and Miguel Batista, acoustic guitar player Klee Benally from "Blackfire," and Herman Cody.

1. Prayer to the Creator (2:08)
2. A Beautiful Dawn (3:31)
3. A Child of Water (3:01)
4. Grandmother and Mother¹s Legacy (3:24)
5. My Horses (3:31)
6. The Fancy Dancer (3:28)
7. She's My Hero - Ode to Lori Piestewa (3:12)
8. Possession Song - Yódí Biyiin (2:53)
9. Keyah Baa Hózhó - My Country (Tis of Thee (2:41)
10. Remembering the Taíno (2:07)
11. Blessing in Disguise (4:21)
12. Guaraguao (2:03)
13. Tears (3:55)
14. Spirit of a Woman (3:19)