Radmilla Cody is a GRAMMY Nominee, multiple Native American Music Awards winner, 46th Miss Navajo Nation, one of NPR's 50 great voices, a Black History Maker Honoree, and an advocate against domestic abuse and violence. Miss Cody is of the Tla'a'schi'i'(Red Bottom People) clan and is born for the Naahilii (African-Americans).

*The term Naahilii is a new term that was passed down to Radmilla from a Dine' practitioner when she inquired about a more positive, respectful, and empowering term to identify those whom she is born for, the African Americans. The following is the Dine' description of the term Naahilii / Nahilii: "Na(a)" - Those who have come across. "hil (slash in the l)" - dark, calm, have overcome, persevered and we have come to like. "ii" - oneness.

Born and raised in the beautiful and picturesque plateaus of the Navajo Nation, Radmilla's childhood consisted of herding sheep on foot and horseback, carding and spinning wool, and searching late into the night with her grandmother for lost sheep and their lambs. The highlight of her sheep herding days was standing on the sheep corral singing at the top of her lungs with the sheep and goats as her audience. "All that mattered at that time was the moment of living a dream," says Radmilla about her early life, which today has become a reality for the young musician.

A survivor of domestic violence, Radmilla uses her personal experiences to advocate strongly against the epidemic of violence. It is an issue she has become very passionate about. As a biracial person she attempts to communicate positive messages about her dual identity as children who are biracial or multiracial still bear the brunt of prejudice.

Radmilla is the subject of an award winning documentary entitled "Hearing Radmilla", produced and directed by Angela Webb, which further explores Radmilla's journey as an activist and international performer. Radmilla has her Bachelors of Science degree in Public Relations with a minor in Sociology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Sociology. In 2010, Radmilla was selected for NPR's 50 Great Voices, a yearlong series featuring singers from all over the world. Recently, Radmilla was awarded the "Black History Makers Award 2012" from Initiative Radio and was selected as the first Native American awards presenter at the 55th GRAMMY Pre- Telecast Awards Ceremony.

Recording with Cool Runnings Music

  • Within the Four Directions ~ *2000 Native American Awards Nominee (Best Traditional Album and Best Female Artist)

Recordings with Canyon Records

  • Seed Of Life ~ *2002 AFIM Indie Awards Winner (Best Native American Album) *2002 Native American Music Award (Best Female Artist)
  • Spirit of a Woman ~ *2006 Indian Summer Music Award Finalist-Best Folk Album *2006 Native American Music Awards- (Best Female Artist and Best Traditional Album)
  • Precious Friends ~ * 2008 Native American Music Awards (Best Female Artist)
  • Navajo Christmas ~ Guest appearance with Todi Neesh Zhee Singers. *2008 Native American Music Awards Nominee (Best Traditional Album)
  • Shi Keyah-Songs for the People ~ * 2012 Wordcraft Circle Honors and Awards (Album of the Year) *2013 GRAMMY Nominee (Best Regional Roots) *2013 Native American Music Awards Nominee (Best Female Artist, Record of the Year and Best Traditional Album)